The opioid epidemic in America continues to destroy the lives of millions of people annually. In fact, the epidemic is becoming increasingly more dangerous thanks to the uptick in illicit fentanyl production. Many people who have their prescription drugs stopped end up seeking out illicit drugs or prescriptions from dealers, who don’t regulate what ends up in these drugs—making them extremely dangerous for those who take them. A fentanyl addiction treatment program can help break the cycle of addiction to avoid the risks of illicit drug use. 

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Understanding Fentanyl and Its Dangers

Fentanyl is a highly potent synthetic opioid that is often prescribed to manage severe chronic pain. While it can be an effective prescription pain reliever, it also carries a significant risk of addiction and overdose. Illicit fentanyl is especially dangerous because it can be approximately 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. 

Due to its potency, fentanyl has a reputation for being both dangerous and easy to overdose with. The drug can rapidly lead to respiratory depression, unconsciousness, and even death. Recognizing the potential dangers associated with fentanyl is the first step in seeking help and support for addiction. 

Benefits of a Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Program

A comprehensive addiction treatment program specifically tailored for individuals struggling with fentanyl addiction can provide the necessary support and guidance needed for recovery. By engaging in a well-structured program, clients can access a range of evidence-based treatments, including therapy, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and counseling, to address the physical and psychological aspects of their addiction. 

Through addiction consultation, clients can receive a thorough assessment of their individual needs and circumstances. This information is then used to develop a comprehensive, individualized addiction treatment plan that addresses not only the addiction itself but also any co-occurring mental health conditions that may be present. 

By participating in a fentanyl addiction treatment program, clients can expect to: 

  • Receive compassionate, non-judgmental support from experienced professionals 
  • Develop coping strategies and relapse prevention skills 
  • Address underlying emotional and psychological issues contributing to addiction 
  • Build a strong support network of peers and professionals 
  • Foster a sense of hope and motivation for a life free from addiction 

Our team offers comprehensive outpatient treatment services for people living with fentanyl addiction. 

Life in Recovery Starts Here

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Our Fentanyl Addiction Services

QuickSilver Counseling Center offers comprehensive outpatient services in our fentanyl addiction treatment program. Clients can start in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) or co-occurring disorder treatment program. 

Intensive Outpatient Program 

The intensive outpatient program is designed for clients who require a high level of support and structure but do not need round-the-clock supervision. IOP treatment allows clients to maintain their daily responsibilities, such as work or school, while attending regular therapy sessions and group meetings. 

The IOP typically consists of: 

  • Individual therapy sessions 
  • Group therapy and support meetings 
  • MAT, if necessary 
  • Holistic therapies, such as yoga and meditation 
  • Education and skills development classes 

We also offer care in a co-occurring treatment program for those living with mental health conditions alongside addiction. 

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Program 

For individuals struggling with both fentanyl addiction and a co-occurring mental health condition, a specialized treatment program is essential. The co-occurring disorder treatment program addresses the unique challenges faced by those with dual diagnoses, ensuring that both conditions are treated simultaneously for optimal recovery outcomes. 

This program includes: 

  • Comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of co-occurring disorders 
  • Integrated treatment plan addressing both addiction and mental health issues 
  • Evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) 
  • Supportive services to help clients develop healthy coping mechanisms and life skills 

By participating in a comprehensive treatment program, our clients receive the support, guidance, and tools needed to overcome addiction and build a healthier, more fulfilling life. 

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment in New Jersey at QuickSilver Counseling Center

If you or a loved one is struggling with fentanyl addiction, our team at QuickSilver Counseling Center can help. Our experienced professionals understand the complexities of addiction and provide compassionate, individualized services tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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