Smiling person working toward recovery at QuickSilver Counseling Center

Happy person engaging with a group of people in therapy in a rehab treatment programRecovery is a mission of hope and good health. When you leave addiction behind and look forward to your future, you develop a new outlook on life. QuickSilver Counseling Center wants to help you learn the skills you need to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and addictive behaviors while instilling hope in your lifelong recovery journey.

Our team of experts knows that process addiction and substance use disorders are complex, personal experiences. We are excited to offer personalized addiction treatment plans utilizing 12-step principles and evidence-based therapy methods. Clients at QuickSilver can also engage in co-occurring rehab treatment programs to help manage mental health symptoms while they learn to leave addictive behaviors behind. Find out how we can help you or a loved one discover hope for the future by calling 888.477.8941 and learning more about QuickSilver Counseling Center today.

The QuickSilver Therapies We Use

The individual therapy plans we create for clients in our rehab treatment programs are evidence-based and designed to heal the whole person—not just the physical symptoms of addiction. Our team of licensed medical and mental health professionals guides our clients through the stages of early recovery using a range of therapy methods, including:

These evidence-based methods promote lasting change since they uncover the root causes of addiction, promote relationship-building, and change how our clients view their negative behaviors. Clients engage in these therapies according to their care plan, developed to fit our intensive outpatient and co-occurring rehab programs. Care plans may include gender-specific options, like our men’s rehab or women’s treatment program.

The QuickSilver Intensive Outpatient Program

Our IOP is our most involved level of care. Individuals who are transitioning from an inpatient treatment program or need more care than a flexible outpatient program can benefit from our intensive outpatient program. This program includes weekly individual and group therapy based on personalized treatment plans.

We also strongly encourage family members to become involved in the recovery process, as family support can be an effective tool against relapse. Family therapy and educational workshops on addiction and communication are available at our center. These sessions provide a safe environment for families to heal together and build healthier relationships.

Our Co-Occurring Rehab Addiction Program

Mental health and substance use disorders often go hand in hand. Our co-occurring rehab treatment program offers comprehensive treatment for those with a dual diagnosis, or both mental health issues and addiction symptoms. Our specialized dual diagnosis treatment includes:

  • Anger management – Teaches healthy strategies for managing anger and aggression
  • Anxiety treatment Helps clients develop coping skills for managing anxiety and stress triggers
  • Depression treatment Offers therapeutic methods of dealing with depression and sadness
  • Trauma therapy Introduces methods for processing experienced trauma

Treating underlying mental health conditions and addiction simultaneously is important for recovery. Addressing the root causes of addiction and mental health issues can reduce the risk of a future relapse.

Life in Recovery Starts Here

Learn more about QuickSilver Counseling Center’s addiction treatment and how our outpatient programs can help you or a loved one find hope for the future by calling 888.477.8941.

Paying for Our Rehab Treatment Services

We accept most major insurance providers at QuickSilver Counseling Center. So, getting specialized help from our rehab treatment programs could be at little to no out-of-pocket cost to you. Verify your or a loved one’s insurance today to find out how to access the care you need.

Rehab Treatment Programs in New Jersey at QuickSilver Counseling Center

At QuickSilver Counseling Center, we offer comprehensive rehab treatment programs designed to heal the body and mind from addiction. Our evidence-based therapies are effective in helping individuals recover from substance use disorders and process addictions. We accept most major insurance providers, so you can access our life-changing rehab treatment services without breaking your budget.

If you or a loved one struggles with drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviors, don’t wait any longer. Contact us online or by calling 888.477.8941 today to get started on the road to recovery.